Online Endometriosis Nutrition Program

the endo-friendly eating academy

Length: 6-8 Weeks                Format: Live Classes (with replays) + Q&A Sessions              Size: 10 people

Eat Well for Endometriosis

Master the Basics That Can Help You & Your Endo Symptoms

Nutrition seems like it should require nothing more than basic instinct right? … Until you start Googling ‘endometriosis diet’ or ‘nutrition for endometriosis’ and realize that there are so many complexities and contradicting claims when it comes to nutrition.

It’s around this point where the overwhelm kicks in. Endometriosis is tough enough. Figuring out what to eat to best support your body and help manage chronic pain shouldn’t be. This is where the Endo-Friendly Academy can help.

This online nutrition program is designed to tackle the foundations of an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern. Although there are some advanced strategies that you can use, building a sustainable nutrition plan that helps you master important areas will likely get you 80% of the results you’re looking for.

Every person is different, and I cannot guarantee that this program will completely resolve your pain and other endo symptoms. However, I can say that an endo-friendly dietary pattern could help reduce your pain, reduce or eliminate your GI symptoms, improve your periods, and help support your body in its continuous repairing/healing process. It’s made a difference for many endo sufferers!

Topics Covered*:

Tame the Overwhelm

  • Endo 101: Science-based information on endometriosis
  • Endo Nutrition Myths: Learn enough about food and your own unique needs so you can give hard pass NOs to people sharing the latest not-so-great nutrition fads (ie. diarrhea-inducing “detox” teas, etc.).
  • Evidence-based ways to manage pain & other endo symptoms that compliment medical and surgical interventions

Adopt an Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Pattern

  • Anti-Inflammatory Eating 101: Learn the foundations of an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern
  • Use my proprietary nutrition screening tool to figure out areas where you could add more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet
  • Get specific recommendations on what foods to add into your diet
  • Focus on foods you can add into your diet vs. what to restrict
  • Maintain the joy of eating and a good relationship with food

Mindfulness-based practices

  • Learn how to manage food guilt
  • How to maintain an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern when busy
  • Learn how to create consistent, sustainable change
  • Learn self-compassion & self-kindness practices and how they improve your eating habits (and your pain management!)

Tackle your Gut issues

  • Get strategies to eat well while managing nausea and vomiting
  • Dietary strategies to help improve IBS, altered bowel habits, & gastrointestinal distress (*please note we will not cover the low FODMAP diet in detail)
  • Learn what factors improve and exacerbate bloating
  • Dietary strategies to manage bloating

*please note that these topics are subject to change based on participant feedback/interest

Topics Not Covered:


  • Individualized supplements & supplement recommendations
  • Individualized recommendations of food elimination
  • How to navigate the low FODMAP diet (it would require a program all on its own!)

Is The Program Right For You?

This Program is a Good Fit For You If…


  • You’re open-minded (so important!)
  • You like a small group environment where you can get extra help/support from me
  • You suspect you have endometriosis (even without a confirmed diagnosis this information is helpful)
  • You’ve got confirmed endometriosis (any stage)

This Program is NOT a Good Fit For You If…


  • You’re too busy to implement the nutrition changes/suggestions    (I like to do ‘check-ins’ on the homework to encourage accountability)
  • You’re actively struggling with an eating disorder (this needs to be addressed first!)
  • You’re not open to trying most of the suggestions
  • You already have an in-depth understanding of anti-inflammatory eating from seeing another dietitian/nutritionist

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