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The endometriosis sufferer’s ultimate guide to bloating and nausea on their period. Get nutrition strategies that help you feel better today.

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Bloating & Nausea on Your Period:

Six Simple Steps for Endometriosis Sufferers

Painful bloating is significantly more common (and severe) in people with endometriosis than those without. In fact, some research suggests that 90% of endometriosis sufferers experience gastrointestinal symptoms. Nausea is another common symptom that people with endometriosis frequently experience.

This free resource was created to give you practical, hands-on nutrition strategies to help you tackle uncomfortable bloating and nausea. This isn’t your average crappy internet checklist. It contains recommendations that I use with my own 1:1 clients in my private practice – all science-based and tested.

All of the recommendations are tips or advice that you can implement today to help improve your bloating and nausea. I can’t promise that they will solve all your digestive woes, but they certainly can (and have!) made a big difference to many people.

What’s Inside.

These are just the tip of the iceberg…

there’s so much more covered in the 14-page guide.


The 4 Main Causes of Your Bloating

Learn the main contributors to uncomfortable bloating in endometriosis while on your period.


How Often You Should Be Eating to Reduce Bloating/Distention

When you’re prone to bloating in your digestive tract, the timing of your eating can help improve uncomfortable gas.


A Common Mistake That Can Contribute to Uncomfortable Bloating

This is a common (yet understandable!) mistake. Learn what to try instead to keep uncomfortable bloating at bay.


3 Main Reasons Why You Get Nauseous on Your Period

These main contributors are why you’re nauseous (or extra nauseous!) on your period.


My Top Tea Choices for Nausea

Get the exact brands I like to use and how to make them to help soothe your nausea and hopefully make your period more bearable.


2 of My Favourite Nausea-Friendly Recipes

The recipes are perfect to have on hand when you’re feeling nauseous on your period.