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Samantha Penlington, Registered Dietitian specializing in Endometriosis Diet

Virtual nutrition coaching for clients in Ontario, Canada. My special focus is nutrition for endometriosis, however, I also see people for PCOS, plant-focused eating, and GI health.

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My Approach

I’m sick of marketers using food fear as a tool to sell their products and programs. Instead, my approach is to restrict as little as possible to maintain the joy of eating, while trying to improve pain and symptoms as much as possible.

I help you adopt an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern and figure out if there are any foods that trigger or exacerbate your endometriosis pain or GI issues, all while ensuring you’re meeting your nutrition needs.

I incorporate lots of science, practical strategies, and self-compassion into my endometriosis nutrition coaching to ensure you maintain (or develop!) a healthy relationship with food too!

Meet Samantha Penlington, a Registered Dietitian specializing in Endometriosis Diet from Eastern Ontario
Meet Samantha Penlington, Endometriosis Diet professional and Registered Dietitian

hey there!

I’m Samantha.

I’m a Registered Dietitian who does virtual nutrition counselling for clients residing in Ontario, Canada.

My special focus is in helping people manage their diet with endometriosis. I also counsel on plant-focused eating, GI Health/IBS, and PCOS. 

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 years ago. After trying many medications that didn’t improve my pain, I put my degrees to work by using diet & lifestyle changes to help manage my symptoms.

1:1 Nutrition Counselling


Get nutrition advice for your endometriosis. Diet & lifestyle changes have the possibility to reduce your pain, improve GI symptoms, and help you feel better.

GI Health

Try various dietary strategies to help improve your IBS or other digestive concerns. I can also help you work through the low FODMAP diet.

Plant-Focused Eating

Want to eat more plant-based, but unsure if you’ll be meeting your nutritional needs? Get practical dietary advice to make your transition easier.

Women's Health

Hormones change a lot over the lifespan. Make sure you’re meeting your nutrition needs and learn how to adopt mindful healthy eating behaviours.

My Philosophy

It’s important that we are a good fit for each other. Here is some information about my food philosophy so you can decide whether I’m the best person to help you.

I promote a whole foods approach to eating that fosters a healthy relationship with food. I don’t counsel on weight loss or fad diets.

I help you learn how to connect and listen to what your body needs (and wants) to help guide your food and self-care decisions. I also take a holistic approach to nutrition, where I incorporate self-compassion, sleep, movement, and mindfulness into my nutrition plans.

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